Handsome Dan’s Rescue Programs


Foster Care

We advocate the rescue and placement of pit bull type dogs from local shelters previously considered “unadoptable” through a network of volunteer foster homes. Many dogs have been rescued from severe abuse and neglect, often including victims of dog fighting. Because the dogs in our program often require extra care, including medical, training and rehabilitation our rescue is small by design.

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Handsome Dan's Shelter Dog Enrichment

Shelter Dog Enrichment Program

Long days of boredom can take their toll on even the most solid of dogs resulting in kennel stress. Handsome Dan’s Rescue’s Shelter Dog Enrichment Program pairs one of our volunteer Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialists with a dog in crisis at a local shelter. Each Saturday, Shelter Enrichment Specialists take their assigned dogs to Outbound Hounds Pits and Pals C.L.A.S.S. which is offered at no charge through a partnership between HDR and Outbound Hounds.

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Community Outreach

We are frequently asked to speak at community events, schools and civic groups about our mission and how to better serve homeless animals.

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Spay & Neuter Vouchers

Each year we are able to assist a small amount of owned dogs whose guardians are unable to afford the surgery. This program often results in at-risk dogs being able to stay in their homes rather than being turned in to local shelters.

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Take My Lead

Take My Lead provides training and behavioral support and supplies for a recently adopted dog as he transitions into his adoptive home. A certified dog trainer or behavior consultant meets with the adopter privately to work on previously identified behaviors or those that present as the dog is transitioning.

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Compassion Hold Program

In honor of #367 Survivor Tillie, the Handsome Dan’s Rescue Compassion Hold program provides a safe and loving home for whatever time an animal has left, right up until the very end.

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