Voucher Program for Owned “At-Risk” Dogs

Spay & Neuter

This program is generously funded by our supporters who, for a cost of $130, can sponsor a spay or neuter voucher.

Handsome Dan’s Rescue provides free Spay/Neuter vouchers to owned dogs we consider to be “at-risk.” Our definition of at-risk can include, but is not limited to: dogs in the process of being re-homed, dogs living in households with intact opposite sex dogs, dogs who are frequently in the company of other in-tact opposite sex dogs, dogs who have been previously bred. Each request for a spay/neuter voucher is evaluated on an individual basis and voucher grants are awarded at our discretion. To date, we have not yet had to deny anyone requesting a spay or neuter voucher. All tax-deductible donations are used to further the mission of Handsome Dan’s Rescue.

Voucher recipients are required only to provide a photo of the dog and their first name. All surgeries are performed at the Companion Animal Welfare Society.

To apply for a spay or neuter voucher, email us here.

If you would like to provide a spay or neuter voucher for an owned at-risk pit bull type dog, please click on the donate button here.