Handsome Dan’s Rescue Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of Handsome Dan’s Rescue. Please view our Open Volunteer Positions if you would like to apply to be a volunteer.

Heather Gutshall, ACDBC, CPDT-KA
President of the Board & Co-Founder

Trisha Torres
VP of the Board, Special Projects Enrichment Specialist, & Cat Foster Care Coordinator

Kim Fiore
Treasurer of the Board, Director of Operations, Volunteer Coordinator, Lead Supporter Correspondent

Liz Harden
Secretary of the Board, Administrative Assistant

Pamela Wilmarth
Foster Care Coordinator

Kara Montalbano
Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialist

Daniela Ponte
Foster Parent

Casey Lavelle
Adoptions Counselor

Holly Duffany
Assessments and Foster Care

Patrick King
Founding Member

Amanda Duncan
Foster Parent

Dan Ferrara
Foster Parent

Amber & Matt McNulty
Foster Parents

Mark & Delores Morgano
Foster Parents

Stephanie & Taber French
Adoptions Coordinator, Foster Parents

Adina Downing

Johanna Croteau
Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialist

Dave Craven
Special Project Enrichment Specialist & Foster Parent

Leslie Davis
Special Project Enrichment Specialist

Connie Bolduc

Courtney Cartier
Donor Relations Specialist

Jeff Dias
Spay/Neuter Voucher Program Coordinator

Sara Caitlin Potter
Assistant Lead Enrichment Specialist

Amy Gottfried Mayer
Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialist

Matthew & Kerry McCall
Foster Parents

Patty Smith DeFee
Adoptions Promoter & Donor Relations

Laurie Hicks
Donor Relations

Amanda Connolly
Foster Parent

Kelly Payton
Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialist

Dave Lemieux
Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialist

Chris Civittolo
Shelter Dog Enrichment Specialist

Emma Baughman
Grant Writer

Kathleen Calabro-DiLorenzo

Elizabeth Sara

Samantha Silva

Lauren Falabella
Cat Foster Mom

Stacie Ivers-McGraw
Newsletter Editor

Hillary Leonard
Foster Care Provider

Sara Mae Prentice
Graphic Designer

Dave Zemens
Website Administrator