Heather Gutshall, CPDT-KA

Co-Founder & President – Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pit Bull Type Dogs

Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed

Lead Trainer, Owner – Outbound Hounds
Certified Evaluator and Instructor – Association of Pet Dog Trainer’s Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.)

10502485_10204853552850070_143869015335636656_n-1I have been touched so deeply by the dogs I have been fortunate enough to have as temporary guests. I have been trusted with the care of animals who arrive too thin, or weak, or scared and I am given the opportunity to help them find their confidence, and eventually, their family. The days I say goodbye to my fosters as they leave to start their new lives with their forever families are the toughest. I always cry, but the tears don’t last long because there is a constant supply of forgotten, abandoned and mistreated dogs to fill the empty spot in my home and heart.

When I picked up my first foster dog, Gunther, I was a bit apprehensive. Over 100 foster dogs later, I know now that I am so blessed to be trusted with these precious souls and will do this for as long as I am able. I have found that rescued dogs are more resilient and forgiving of our species than we as humans could ever be of theirs

Trisha Torres

Vice President, Special Project Enrichment Specialist – Handsome Dan’s Rescue for Pit Bull Type Dogs

trisha-boardTrisha has been involved in animal rescue and welfare for over 25 years. Her main focus in the past has been rescuing and fostering hard-to-place cats. Over the last few years, after getting to know the founders of Handsome Dan’s Rescue, Trisha has become more active in the rescue and promotion of pit bull type dogs. Along with her volunteer work for HDR, she currently volunteers at Providence Animal Control and continues her work with cats in need.