Trooper – The Parvo Puppy

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September 2 Update

September 2

Great news! Trooper has been released and is heading home with his foster mom, an employee of Ocean State Veterinary Specialists, for recovery and supportive care.

Trooper still has a long road to recovery, but for now he is able to take medicine orally and will stay under a strict isolation protocol for the next three to four weeks in his foster home.

Special thanks to everyone who made lifesaving donations to save Trooper’s life. Your donations, thoughts, and prayers are all important to the success that we see today as Trooper begins the next chapter in his life.

August 31 Update

August 31

August 31

Update on our little Parvo pup, now named Trooper! (Thanks everyone for the name suggestions!)

Trooper’s fever persisted overnight but tapered off today. He had a blood pressure issue today but after fluids that has resolved. He is eating pretty well on his own. His blood protein is still low but they are seeing a few more white blood cells. Trooper is not out of the woods yet but his doctors are hoping now that his fever seems to be resolved he is on an up swing!

Thank you all for the donations, prayers, and well wishes. I hope little Trooper knows how many people are pulling for him!

August 30th Update

Soon-to-be-named Parvo puppy spiked a fever last night that has lasted throughout the day, but he is also showing some good signs: He ate a little chicken that was hand fed to him. This is the first time he has eaten on his own, no vomiting, he has not needed a plasma transfusion.

The reason for the fever could be a viral infection, or some other infection as Parvo suppresses the immune system. He is on antibiotics and the best they can do for now is to keep a close eye on him.

He will have a name as soon as the Ocean State employee, who will be taking him home for foster care, has had a chance to see all of the name suggestions.

Thank you all for your support for this little guy.

August 29th Update

August 29

August 29

August 28th

August 28

Yesterday, puppy looked a bit worse than the day before. But his blood pressure seemed normal, which can be concerning in these cases. His Albumin had dropped and there was talk of him needing Plasma, but today it’s back up so that will not be necessary, for now. His vet tells me that he is hanging in there, and they tend to get worse before they get better. Today he is a bit brighter, only threw up twice overnight, but is still leaking diarrhea. He has a feeding tube, fluids, but when she presses on his belly he seems more comfortable than he was yesterday. Keep the prayers and well wishes coming!

How this Puppy Found Us

On the evening of August 27, we received a plea from one of the ER vets at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. Recent adopters had brought in their very sick puppy who tested positive for Parvovirus, a highly contagious viral disease that can quickly produce a life-threatening illness. The adopters declined treatment. In an effort to avoid euthanasia for this sweet little puppy, his attending vet reached out to see if we could help.

We directed Ocean State to get started right away to make the puppy comfortable and try to save his life, as we worked to figure out the rest. Little puppy made it though last night and this morning is resting in an isolation room.

The current estimate for his care is $3,000. Will you help to save his life by making a donation toward his care?

Thank you in advance, we are so grateful to have each of you as supporters, allowing us to make this decision last night knowing once we made the request, help would be on it’s way.

*Any donation made in excess of the cost of this puppy’s care will be used to further the mission of Handsome Dan’s Rescue.
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